Web3 Wishes: A Gift Guide for Crypto Witches

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5 min readDec 21, 2023

Consider this guide your passport to navigating Web3 gift giving. ✨👇

Welcome to the ultimate holiday shopping experience, witches! Step into our Web3 realm and get ready to level up your gift-giving game with our 2023 Gift Guide, where we’ve curated a collection of the most coveted items from our decentralized wonderland. From sleek hardware wallets (and the BAGGS they belong in), to the NFTs we’re currently drooling over, we’ve got you covered. So, buckle up, because we’re about to take you on a ride through our must-have items, crypto accessories, and onchain creations for this szn (and really, whenever).


A Ledger hardware wallet: the bougie bodyguard your crypto deserves.

Crypto Witches know the smartest way to secure your bag is with a hardware wallet. (We’re not here for any basic breaches, darling.) For those new to the crypto game, these sleek devices act as fortress-like guardians, shielding your crypto and NFT investments from potential thefts — like phishing attacks and hacks. The significance of a hardware wallet lies not only in safeguarding your financial portfolio but also in empowering individuals to take ownership of their digital wealth, aligning perfectly with the ethos of Web3’s decentralized landscape.

Our fave hardware wallet? A Ledger Nano — aka the bougie bodyguard your crypto deserves. Think of it as personal vault for your digital empire, keeping your assets safe, sound, and totally off-limits to any wannabe hackers — because nothing says ‘I’m in control’ like having your own crypto bouncer. (Oh, and the colors are always cute too.)


BAGGS: Sparkly AF microbags for your degen princess.

Angels and Degens and Ledgers, oh my. Want to upgrade that hardware wallet (or shopping for a friend who already has a Ledger?) Upgrade their cold storage game with BAGGS — the bling your crypto’s been begging for. These micro bags for your ledger wallet are a whole mood, and your assets deserve the VIP treatment, right? Think Swarovski crystals in angelic shades and devilish hues dominating the color palette across convertible styles. (Drool.)

Each BAGG is one-of-a-kind and handmade in Brooklyn by Web3 baddie Monty Preston. Shop small this holiday szn, witches.


Flower Blocks: Petals and pixels onchain for your babe.

Buy your bae some flowers like, stat. We’re currently obsessing with blockchain florist Joe Horner and his one-of-a-kind prints. Like BAGGS, these are 1/1 pieces of art, meaning you own an 100% unique collectors item. (You’ll also receive a physical A2 print of your work if minting directly from the artist.) Each piece curated by Horner is a digital masterpiece, an ethereal dance of petals and pixels. This gift isn’t the easiest to snag (quantities are limited, obvi), but supporting living artists is a flex that keeps our creative cosmos spinning — because without artists, life would be as bland as an unsalted french fry, and nobody wants that.

Pro Tip: he also has offchain prints available, don’t sleep on them.


Coinbase Crypto Gift: The ultimate Web3 passport for beginners.

Okay, forget that basic Target gift card, because nothing screams ‘I care’ like handing someone the keys to their own crypto kingdom. Gift some ETH (or any crypto available on Coinbase) to your favorite person and let them ride the decentralized dreams wave — no complicated jargon required. Coinbase makes it so freaking easy; just shoot it to their email, and they can create a Coinbase account and go from there. Elevate your gifting game with the kind of present that says, ‘I trust you to HODL your own.’ (And if your bestie is new to Bitcoin, no worries — just make sure you throw in a quick tutorial on opening a wallet for that crypto magic!)


Blockchain for Babies: A place ABCs meet BTCs.

Even the littlest minds deserve a playful introduction to the revolutionary world of decentralized tech, where ABCs meet BTCs and building blocks extend beyond playtime to shape the future. Is this book the best demystification of Web3 for kids? Not necessarily. But does it look really cute on baby’s bookshelf and give visitors an idea of how onchain mommy is? Can personally confirm, yes it does.

Witches, let’s talk real talk. Don’t forget, ’tis the season to give back, and guess what? Donating crypto is an easy way to make a difference with some serious financial flex. Whether you’re supporting causes you’re passionate about or just looking for some extra tax perks, giving back in the digital age is the new power move. So, make it rain for a good cause and check out The Giving Block — where you can donate your crypto easily to a range of charities like Make-A-Wish and UNICEF. (PLUS, you’ll receive tax benefits in return for your donation. It’s a win / win.)

💚 — Happy Holidays from Crypto Witch Club


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