Guide to Joyful Onchain Adventures

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4 min readJan 5, 2024

By: Riley Blackwell

The internet opens up a world of possibilities, but with great opportunity comes great responsibility. So, as we explore this new open web, it’s essential to proceed with empathy, wisdom, and care for our fellow travelers.

On these grand adventures, we must also be aware of the dangers lurking around the corners of the web and be mindful of the misinformation, harassment, and inequalities that surround us.

I feel like we don’t talk enough about what it takes to have safe, enriching, joyful adventures.

This guide will prepare us for the adventures that lie ahead. When you’re feeling lost, come back to this checklist to ground and steady yourself.

Take this checklist with you:

✅ An Open Mind to Curiosity

Curiosity is by far one of the most powerful qualities we embody, standing at the threshold of a new technological revolution.

Harnessing the power of curiosity opens one’s mind to the possibilities web3 and crypto offer. When we talk about being curious, participating in discussions and exploring our preferences are vital. Growth happens in discomfort, but the discomfort doesn’t happen without getting our hands a little dirty through childlike wonder.

New information flies at all angles at the speed of light in this space. Understanding our goals and aims will help guide a path to healthy curiosity.

🔮 Communities to Join:

· Cloud Scouts


✅ Balanced Enthusiasm is the Key to Sustainable Adventures

When navigating this complex and often frustratingly dense space, a healthy dose of enthusiasm is one key quality to keep spirits high. It fuels exploration, drives learning, and helps adventurers like you engage deeply with new concepts and communities.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind the potential pitfalls of unchecked enthusiasm. All things in moderation, as they say. Too much excitement can lead to hasty decisions, poor trading, and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), which tends to lead to burnout and unwise investments.

This is again where goals and a strategy for engagement come into play. You’ll want to set clear aims for participation, limits on funds and time spent, and construct a stable support system.

Taking breaks and having accountability friends in communities will be essential to success on these adventures. It’s better to go on enthusiastic adventures with others rather than solo. 🔮 Help us find what you’re most enthusiastic about; let us know at Crypto Witch Club!

🔮 Communities to Join:

· Crypto Witch Club

· Zen Academy


You’ll hear one word from me time and time again: patience. As the pace of tech advancements in web3 moves faster and faster with increasing compute power, you’ll find more people and products that test your patience.

There are endless amounts of learning resources to digest. My advice is to choose a community that resonates with your values so you’ll have an equally endless number of friends to ask questions as they come up. Remember: there are no stupid questions in kind spaces!

Taking your time to make measured decisions will increase your adaptability to patience as the increased pressure from hype-prone marketing will pull you into unhealthy situations.

Rather than joining communities focused on short-term results, focus on people and founders who are drawn to long-term perspectives. These communities will be grounded on insight and helping adventurers like you avoid impulsive actions.

🔮 Communities to Join:

· Boys Club


✅ Culture: The Heartbeat of Onchain Communities

Culture is depth. Culture in web3 feels tangible even in a space full of digital artifacts. Bringing an appreciation of culture on your adventures will help cultivate diverse experiences for you and also for those you bring along on the journey.

The permissionless nature of web3 and crypto offers the ability for anyone and everyone to build, invest, and own their decentralized finances through art and code. This is the future, but the future is also rife with disparities of inequality and inequity. It’s important to foster and support diverse voices, pushing against our own biases whenever possible.

When embarking on these onchain adventures, you’ll meet so many new people from all across the globe. Keep in mind all the varied cultures that exist in the world with an open mind and heart. The delicacies of these cultures will continue to enrich your experiences with each passing month.

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