Crypto Witch Club Turns One 🎂

Crypto Witch Club
3 min readSep 15, 2022

Our first year in review is here!

From writing about web3 for Marie Claire to growing our community, it’s been an exciting first year at Crypto Witch Club — and we are so thankful to all of you for being part of it.

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By The Numbers

10,000 followers and subscribers

6,998 website visitors

3,505 pieces of content deployed

303 fellow web3 witches in our community

205 guides downloaded

88% women

27 guest appearances

12 Crypto Witch Club Podcast Episodes Recorded

8 social media channels

4 brand partnerships

4 press placements

3 articles written for major media

2 live events hosted in NYC

Our Top Podcast Guest Appearances

NFT Use Cases for Consumer Brand Founders with Female Founders World

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Tech, and web3 with Your Woo Woo Best Friend

Crypto Pop Culture with Nicstalgia

Money Magic: Intuitive Investing, web3, and Trusting the Process with Holisticism


We were so lucky to have such amazing partners our first year in business. Grateful to the Geneva team for introducing us to their platform and working with us to be one of the first web3 communities on Geneva.

Learn more about our partnerships and see case studies in our brand deck here.

Best of #cryptotwitter

These are our favorite voices in web3 that you need to know — from Melanie McClain, head of community at P00LS to Jaime Schmidt of BFF — plus links to everyone’s twitter. (You’re welcome.)



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